Kewaunee Mayor Sandi Christman posted an update on the Harbor Park improvement project Sunday on her Facebook page:

“You may have noticed the details starting in the Harbor Improvement Project. I want to share with you again the design of the actual park and the paths throughout. Some questioned ADA accessibility to the Park. It is located by the bathrooms.

“We cannot cut in an ADA ramp where you see the concrete path across from the Grandfather Clock. This is prohibited by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation on a state highway. There is also a State Highway 42 project in the makings that may allow us to complete sidewalk installations from the Park to the bridge where none exist, with ADA accessibility in the appropriate crosswalk areas.

“There will be more information to come on this topic. For now, it is exciting to see the progress of the Harbor Project and we are fortunate the state provided the funding to make this project happen.”