The city seat on the Kewaunee School Board will remain vacant for the time being, after the same write-in candidate was the top vote-getter for two seats in the April 2 election.

Chase Pagel outpolled Frank Madzarevic 259-81 for an at-large seat in a contest of registered write-ins, and she also received the most votes for the seat representing the city of Kewaunee, which also had no names on the ballot but also no registered write-ins.

Pagel chose to accept the at-large position and decline the city seat, leaving it open until the school board decides what to do.

Under Wisconsin election laws when no name is on the ballot, the top write-in is asked to take the seat. If the person declines, it’s considered an open position and the board may appoint someone to serve until the next general election in April 2020. The law does not permit offering the position to the second-highest vote-getter.

The city seat has been vacant for more than nine months.