(Algoma Record-Herald, Dec. 12, 1941)

KEWAUNEE — Three short of the 37 men requested by selective service headquarters, 34 county men were sent notices the past week to travel by chartered bus next Tuesday for their physical examinations. The list exhausts the 1a’s of the county.

Two that would have made the Milwaukee trip have enlisted in other branches of the service. Carl Braem, Algoma, has signed up for Coast Guard service, and Lester Bader, Red River, has enlisted in the Army cavalry.

No call for December induction has been received for the county to date. The bus leaves the courthouse at 6 o’clock next Tuesday morning and the men have been asked to report at 5:45 sharp.

Those receiving notices:

Raymond Brouchoud, Carlton.

Wilbur Bellin, Lincoln.

John Schwob, Luxemburg.

William Zelenka, Franklin.

Edmund Leannah, Kewaunee.

William Sell, Casco.

Sylvester Zuzanek, Kewaunee.

Alvin Zellner, Luxemburg town.

Gerald Oswald, Carlton.

Reuben Hoffman, Algoma.

August Ziemer, Kewaunee.

Lewis Lukes, Casco town.

Joseph Mornard, Luxemburg.

Clarence Parma, Carlton.

Erhardt Pilgrim, Kewaunee.

Edward Novak, Algoma.

William Stodola, Luxemburg town.

John Diedrich, Kewaunee.

William Wautlet, Casco town.

Rudolph Tulachka, Carlton.

Ernest Lohrey, Algoma (now at Milwaukee).

Daniel Enz, Kewaunee.

Albert Hanna, Montpelier.

Matt Schleis, Kewaunee.

Argene Leischow, Algoma.

Bohumil Wistein, R3, Kewaunee.

Reuben Duescher, Montpelier.

Robert Schowalter, Ahnapee (now at Chicago).

Edward Koutsky, Kewaunee.

William Lizer, Kewaunee.

George Graff, R1, Kewaunee.

John Holsbach, Lincoln.

Edward Karolewski, R2, Kewaunee.

Edward Aude (now at Glendale, Calif.).