In an attempt to show their concern about our local residents wellbeing, DC officials sent out a factsheet about “health risks with the Forestville Pond Drawdown.”

One full page is about “Blastomycosis,” a potentially serious fungal infection that primarily affects the lungs and can be especially deadly for dogs as they keep their nose to the ground. A quote from their fact sheet: ”As with other pathogens, children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems are at greater risk.”

Question for DC officials: “Is this an environment you would feel comfortable with, to have your loved ones exposed to?”

The fungus lives in organically rich soil and decaying vegetation.

The Factsheet states: “Door County has had a very low incidence. From 2007 to July, 2019, Door County has had less than 5 cases of Blastomycosis reported”. This might be true, but it did NOT have a 2 yr. Drawdown in that period either.

DC’s Health and Human Services fact sheet also states: “Blastomycosis fungus grows when temperatures climb above 50 degrees F.”

While a Winter Drawdown (unlikely temps. will rise above 50 F) was one of the original 10 options in the Millpond report as presented to the public, but apparently deemed not effective enough by some of our elected officials, they crafted a 2 yr. drawdown “solution” not in the report.

So this not only vastly increases the risk to the public from a duration point of view but magnifies the risk as now temperatures well above the 50 F are introduced in that time frame. As if that alone is not bad enough, SWCD says on their website, “Safety hazards and odors are possible as sediments dry out, decay and compact until vegetation is established” and they might have to do this every 5-10 yrs. again “to sustain environmental benefits long term.” Residents health takes the backseat in their quest for environmental benefits?? Are people not part of the environment??

The last sentence of Door County Health and Human Services Fact Sheet states”: “Door County Public Health works to protect our community from illnesses such as these.”

Really?? Or are we in Southern Door not part of YOUR community?

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