[Letter to the editor from Don Zimmer, Manitowoc]

To Whom It May Concern
A recent TV attack ad, against state Rep. Andre’ Jacque, who is running for the Wisconsin 1st  Senate District vacancy, is yet another scurrilous display of a favorite Democrat campaign tactic here and elsewhere: Repeat a lie long enough, and people will eventually think it is true.

The ad claims that Andre’ Jacque has no concern for drinking water quality in Kewaunee County, which has been beset by water contamination from manure runoff. The ad makes the claim that various legislative acts that Andre’ Jacque has supported were votes “against clean water.” However, not one of the pieces of legislation cited in the ad has anything to do with drinking water quality in Kewaunee County or elsewhere in the state. Hence, the lie.

In fact, Andre’ Jacque has worked hard to address the need for clean drinking water, among a whole host of legislative acts he has supported or originated that address conservation of our state lands and waterways. Among other things, he sponsored legislation in 2013 that extended the clean drinking water program, an initiative for which he was praised by the League of Conservation Voters, the very organization that sponsored the TV ad that is the subject of this letter.

In the state Senate, Andre’ will continue to champion conservation initiatives just as he has as a member of the state assembly. He has a provable record of aggressive protection of our land and water resources. To attempt to besmirch that record is a shameful, cheap political tactic that his legislative record belies.

Don Zimmer