With National Library Week in full swing, Kewaunee County officials are again reminding county residents to take greater advantage of the independent local libraries in Algoma and Kewaunee, or the library station at Nicolet National Bank in Luxemburg.

The county’s 2018 budget contains a $52,574 bill from Brown County for materials checked out of the Green Bay-based library system’s branches. Manitowoc County is charging another $856.

The fees are a result of a law passed about 10 years ago giving consolidated library systems the power to charge adjoining counties whose residents use their services.

“As your librarians, we want to take this opportunity to clear up some misconceptions and misinformation that we get questions on in the library,” the Algoma and Kewaunee libraries stated in their National Library Week news release. “The Brown County reimbursement for services charge that Kewaunee County pays to Brown County is a confusing topic for many patrons, and we want to be clear on when this charge comes into play.”

Nothing patrons do inside the local libraries adds to the Brown County fee, the librarians said.

“Only when you are checking out material at a Brown County library or the Brown County Bookmobile with a Brown County library card while being a resident of one of the townships of Kewaunee County does this charge apply,” they said.

Both Algoma and Kewaunee libraries are part of the Owlsnet network. Any material patrons request on Infosoup.org or through their home library does NOT add to these charges. The network of 49 libraries shares materials throughout the region as part of its range of free services. There is no charge for getting a library card, and there is no charge for placing holds and checking out materials from any of the member libraries.