Most Kewaunee County candidates for local office will be unopposed in the spring election.

The deadline for submitting paperwork to get on the April 2 ballot was 5 p.m. Jan. 2.

The only races for town chairman are in West Kewaunee, where Milt Swagel and Dan Kassner will vie for the seat now held by Tom Kruse, and Luxemburg, where incumbent David Barrett is challenged by Roger Berger. Eight other town chairmen are running unopposed for re-election.

In the town of Lincoln, Jordan Nowak is challenging incumbent Supervisor 1 Nick Cochart. Luxemburg Town Clerk Marilyn Barrett is not running for re-election; Amanda Nimmer and Jennifer Rank will vie to succeed her.

All other positions are uncontested. In some cases the incumbent is not running again and only one person stepped forward for the post; in other cases the ballot position will be vacant and the job will be offered to the person who gains the most write-in votes.

The Kewaunee School Board is especially in need of write-in candidates. Incumbent Deanne M. Schultz is running unopposed for re-election to a seat representing unincorporated areas, but no candidates stepped up for an open seat representing the city or an open at-large seat. Only Schultz will be on the ballot in April.

One statewide race is on the ballot: Brian Hagedorn and Lisa Neubauer are running for the seat to be vacated by retiring state Supreme Court Justice Shirley Abrahamson.

(i) = incumbent, * = unopposed new candidate


Ahnapee – Town Chair Gerald Gary Paape (i), Supervisor 1 Tom Stoller (i), Supervisor 2 Kenneth Draves (i), Clerk Sharon M. Grosbeier (i), Treasurer Shelly Anderson* (incumbent Mary Bohman).

Carlton – Town Chair David Hardtke (i), Supervisor 1 Steve Tadisch (i), Supervisor 2 Marvin Schleis* (incumbent Kenneth Paplham), Clerk Linda Sinkula (i), Treasurer Pat Wotachek (i), Constable Jason Walechka (i).

Casco – Town Chair Joseph Lukes (i), Supervisor 1 Perry Pavlat (i), Supervisor 2 Barry Fenendael (i), Clerk Terrie Gabriel (i), Treasurer Pamela Nuthals (i).

Franklin – Town Chair Richard Wochos (i), Supervisor 1 Katie Duckart (i), Supervisor 2 James Wacek (i), Clerk Todd DeGrave* (incumbent Joan Raisleger), Treasurer Judy A. Kunesh (i).

Lincoln – Town Chair Cory Cochart (i); Supervisor 1 Nick Cochart (i), Jordan J. Nowak; Supervisor 2 Jesse Jerabek (i), Clerk Mary Ann Salmon (i), Treasurer Tim Strnad (i), Constable vacant (incumbent Richard Bultman).

Luxemburg – Town Chair David W. Barrett (i), Robert J. Berger; Supervisor 1 Linda Jonet (i), Supervisor 2 Leonard Wachal (i); Clerk Amanda Nimmer, Jennifer Rank (incumbent Marilyn Barrett); Treasurer Gerald Zellner (i).

Montpelier – Town Chair Scott A. Jahnke (i), Supervisor 1 Kevin Ferry (i), Supervisor 2 Jon Webster (i), Clerk Shaefer Oshefsky (i), Treasurer Steven J. Doell (i), Constable David Van Deurzen (i).

Pierce – Town Chair Brian J. Paplham (i); Supervisor Mitchell Stauber (i), Kurt E. Burmeister (i)(vote for 2); Clerk Bonnie Selner (i), Treasurer Linda L. Gretz (i), Constable vacant (incumbent Jeannie Pederson).

Red River – Town Chair Mike Sampo (i), Supervisor 1 Jeff Dorner* (incumbent Gene Dalebroux), Supervisor 2 Chuck Kinnard (i), Clerk Eric Corroy (i), Treasurer Ken Bouchonville (i), Constable Kevin J. Vandertie* (incumbent Mark Lefebvre).

West Kewaunee – Town Chair Milt Swagel, Dan Kassner (incumbent Tom Kruse); Supervisor 1 Shawn Siebold (i), Supervisor 2 vacant (incumbent Robert Karl), Clerk Kristen Richard* (incumbent Lisa Voelker), Treasurer Mary Bertrand (i).

Villages and cities

Casco – Village President Kelly Pinchart (i); Trustee Troy Alsteen (i), Dennis Cravillion (i)(vote for 2)

Luxemburg – Village President Kenneth J. Tebon (i); Village Trustee Michelle Seidl (i), Lori Bonk (i), vacant (incumbent Jack Seidl).

Algoma City Council – Alderpersons John H. Pabich (i, Dist. 1), Jacque Wiese (i, Dist. 2), Mitch Groessl (i, Dist. 3), Lee Dachelet (i, Dist. 4)

Kewaunee City Council – Alderpersons Arthur Schiller (i, Dist. 1), Jeffrey Dworak (i, Dist. 2), Joseph Mills (i, Dist. 3), David Kuehl (i, Dist. 4).

School Boards

Algoma (vote for two) – Barb Rodgers, Joan E. Wiesner

Denmark (vote for two) – Julie A. Lemmens, Teresa Kane

Luxemburg-Casco (vote for three) – Mike Driedric, Bob Berceau, Linda Jonet

Kewaunee – See sixth paragraph above