Representatives of the Live Algoma coalition made a presentation at this week’s Communities Joined in Action national conference in San Antonio.

Jody Anderson, registered nurse and certified health coach with Bellin Health and Succeed Health LLC, and Claire Thompson, associate professor and community development educator with the University of Wisconsin-Extension Kewaunee County, led a breakout session titled “Developing a Collective Impact from Grassroots,” sharing what the Live Algoma initiative is doing for the community.

The theme of the national conference Feb. 15-17 was “Unleashing the Power of Communities: Achieving Health, Well-Being and Equity.”

Communities Joined in Action is a 10-year-old national membership organization of local and regional community health collaboratives, all of which are committed to better health for all people at less cost. CJA has members in 45 states that serve an estimated 8.5 million low-income individuals.

Each year at the CJA annual meeting and conference, talented and committed community and national health leaders come together to share innovations, lessons learned, and inspiration. This year’s event was held at the Sheraton Gunter in downtown San Antonio.

Live Algoma is committed to developing equal opportunities for all citizens through each of five focal points Healthy Children, Healthy Individuals, Healthy Community, Healthy Employers, while ultimately contributing back to the Healthy Commons. The initiative is working towards improving the health and wellness of the community through access to high-quality nutrition, exercise, financial, recreation, and mental health services.