Thanks to the efforts of the Live Algoma initiative, the community is one of eight chosen for a Culture of Health Prize from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

The RWJF Culture of Health Prize recognizes communities that have placed a priority on health and are creating powerful partnerships and deep commitments that will enable everyone, especially those facing the greatest challenges, with the opportunity to live well.

“Algoma is so small (pop. 3,126) that it does not have a single traffic light. But small places can do big things,” the Foundation said in its introduction to the city at “Under the umbrella of Live Algoma, all sectors of the community have come together to set goals and work as teams on health and wellness issues. The Live Algoma initiative was founded on the premise that anyone can be a ‘bright spot,’ an agent of change who plays a role in improving health.”

Claire Thompson, community developer educator with the Kewaunee County University of Wisconsin-Extension, said a lot of work has gone into the success of the Live Algoma initiative, which has been spearheaded by educator Teal VanLanen.

“Over 200 communities applied for the prize, and eight communities won,” Thompson said Tuesday during UW-Extension’s annual report to the Kewaunee County Board. “It comes with a $25,000 gift that the community can do with as it sees fit, and also the notoriety and recognition that comes from a national prize.”

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