A revised layoff schedule at Masonite in Algoma would complete the task of closing the plant in early July, Mayor Wayne Schmitt told the City Council last week.

“There was talk that it’d be mid-August or September, but now we’re probably looking at early July,” Schmitt said during the council’s regular April meeting.

The former Algoma Hardwoods plant has been hosting on-site job fairs for other businesses interested in hiring some of the soon-to-be-displaced workers.

“There have not been a lot of people who have quit at this point and gone to other jobs, they’re kind of riding it out, which is something Masonite wanted to do to make sure they got all their orders out,” the mayor said.

Economic development personnel have been talking with businesses about the expected impact of 180 jobs lost in the city. but they’ve found it’s a little early to tell because not many people have left the area yet, Schmitt said.

A survey of the affected workers indicated they may have to compromise or relocate.

“Nobody wants to drive more than 15 miles to a new job, which is probably something that is not going to be easily attained,” Schmitt said, “but there’s a lot of employers that have sent information looking for employees; I think they’ll be able to find a position.”

After a closed session the council approved an agreement with Masonite on a five-year lease of the south end of the Algoma Medical Center building for office space, and Consolidated Construction of Appleton was hired to provide project management services for the remodeling.