The Kewaunee County Board has given the Dyckesville Lions Club the OK to replace the bleachers at Red River Park – and also to close part of the road during baseball games and tournaments.

Red River Park

The south exit road at Red River Park runs very close to the ball diamond. The Dyckesville Lions Club received permission to close the road during organized games.

Pete Denil appeared for the club before the county Promotion and Recreation Committee earlier this month, asking for permission to put up a “No Through Traffic” sign on the south exit road to the park, which passes within about 10 feet from the team benches on the right side of the diamond.

According to the minutes of the May 9 meeting, Denil said it’s been noticed that the area becomes congested during games, and sometimes drivers pay more attention to the game they’re passing than to the many kids on and near the road.

“The field’s only about 15 feet away from the road on the south side as you’re going around,” committee Chairman Scott Jahnke told the full board Tuesday, “so they want to make it so kids don’t get run over by someone who’s looking at the game or looking around – so they’re just going to put a gate there to stop traffic during the games.”

The committee cleared the way for the Lions to replace the bleachers, with the club providing materials and labor, and they also OK’d closing that portion of the road during games. The park and its waterfront view of Green Bay and the Red River will still be accessible through the north entrance.