The owners of von Stiehl Winery in Algoma have developed a new brand in order to unveil its latest new product: Schmiling Bros. Hard Cider and Schmiling Bros. Cherry Bounce.

“We, the Schmiling brothers, grew up in the business and are now fortunate to own and operate it,” Aric and Brad Schmiling said in the announcement at “As with many of a younger generation, (40s are still young to some), we have a short attention span. Experimenting with new products keeps engagement high and helps us to continually recreate a 50-year-old business.

“This new brand begins with hard apple cider. Our family would annually press thousands of pounds of apples for various versions of apple wine. Pressing was not a fun job. The hammer mill sprayed apple chunks an easy 25 feet. It’s a cold, wet, loud, and messy process that makes for cold hands and very long days. The upside is amazingly fresh apple juice. While the equipment is all still in-house for pressing, we are leaning on our local grower (Hillside Apples) to press for us for now.

“Upon the introduction of a wine bottling line with sparkling capabilities, we chose to apply apple wine making skills to hard cider. The first test batch, named Apfel, was awarded a Double Gold medal at the 25th annual Indy International Wine Competition. The cider went on to receive Best of Class in the Apple Hard Cider division. Read more about the award in our blog. This cider will be rereleased shortly under a new Schmiling Bros. label.”

Plans are to release Apple Bounce, Hard Apple Cider, and Bourbon Barrel-Aged Hard Cider, under the Schmiling Bros. label in the months to come.