The monthly testing of the sirens owned by the city of Algoma, village of Casco and village of Luxemburg will be suspended from December through March, the Kewaunee County Emergency Management Department has announced:

Snow and ice impairs normal siren operations, which causes increased maintenance cost. Daily polls will be done with these sirens throughout the winter, which will identify any communication issues.

These individual sirens are owned by each of these jurisdictions. The City of Algoma, Village of Casco, and Village of Luxemburg are responsible for maintenance and repairs to these sirens. Kewaunee County has been authorized to use the sirens for emergencies and other lawful purposes.

Please remember the outdoor warning sirens are for outdoor warning use only. The sirens are not intended to be heard inside your home or business. To be warned indoors Kewaunee County Emergency Management recommends each residence have a NOAA weather radio which will alert you when severe weather is approaching. Residents are also encouraged to sign up for Rave the mass emergency notification system at and click on the ‘Stay Informed’ icon and register their residential and cellphone numbers. Persons who work in Kewaunee County can also register for emergent notifications for their place of employment by registering their cellphone. For more information on the outdoor warning sirens, NOAA weather radios, or Rave contact Kewaunee County Emergency Management office at 920-845-9700.