Smoke from a combine fire rises against the setting sun Wednesday as seen from the Luxemburg Fire Department’s staging area.

Thick, black smoke that billowed into the air from a combine fire south of Luxemburg could be seen 10 miles away late Wednesday afternoon.

combine fire 2

The Luxemburg Fire Department’s off-road pickup truck takes on another load of water from a waiting tanker.

The Luxemburg Community Fire Department responded after the big piece of farm machinery caught fire while chopping corn in a large field off Luxemburg Road between Valley Road and Maple Lane in the town of Luxemburg.

“When we got here the combine was fully engulfed in flames that had spread to the surrounding corn,” said firefighter and training officer Mike Beyer at the department’s staging area along Maple Lane.

Because the fire was well off the road, water was pumped from tankers into the department’s four-wheel drive pickup truck, which can hold about 200 gallons of water at a time, and then transported to the scene.

combine fire 3

A fire crew attaches a hose to the Luxemburg Fire Department’s off-road vehicle, preparing to fill it to tackle a nearby combine fire.

A tractor from a nearby farm was used to plow the field around the combine to keep the blaze from spreading further, Beyer said.

The effort was aided by nearly calm winds Wednesday after a few days of windy weather that could have whipped the fire into something worse.

The Kewaunee Fire Department provided mutual aid assistance and the Kewaunee County Sheriff’s Department helped with traffic control.

combine fire 4

Smoke rises from the scene of a combine fire in a town of Luxemburg cornfield, as seen from Valley Road.