Kewaunee County Board Chairman Robert Weidner has submitted his list of nominees to a special Broadband Study Committee that will study the county’s internet access needs between now and April.

Weidner had promised he would form the committee after convincing the board to remove a $1 million allocation for high-speed internet expansion from the 2019 budget. He and other critics were concerned the allocation was made without a particular plan or project in mind, and Weidner said the committee would be given the task of identifying the county’s needs with more specificity.

The committee to be submitted for County Board approval Tuesday (Dec. 18) would be comprised of nine supervisors – nearly half the 20-member County Board – three staff members and five citizens.

Board members: Weidner, Co-chairman Gary Paape, Aaron Augustian, Thomas Cretney, Mary Ellen Dobbins, Virginia Haske, Lee Luft, Thomas Romdenne, and Kent Treml.

Staff: Scott Feldt, county administrator; Steve Hanson, land information director; and Jeffrey Wisnicky, corporation counsel.

Citizens: Ryan Hoffman, Kim Larson, Frank Madzarevic, Jason Melotte and August Neverman.