Primary elections will be needed to narrow the field in two Kewaunee County Board supervisory districts, but no one filed to run for one open seat.

Five supervisors decided not to seek another two-year term in the April 3 election. Three candidates filed nomination papers in District 2, where Larry Kirchman is retiring from the board, and in District 10, the seat now held by Ron Paider.

But there will be no name on the ballot in District 5, where Christopher Rasmussen chose not to run again. The new supervisor will be decided by write-ins.

Candidates had until 5 p.m. Tuesday to submit completed nomination papers to get their names on the ballot.

Ten incumbents – half of the 20-member board – will be unopposed on the ballot. Still, that’s a sharp contrast from two years ago, when 19 board members had no challenger.

Kirchman’s district is comprised of the town of Lincoln, where Town Chairman Cory Cochart, Joseph Musial and Mark Kusniesz filed to run.

Paider has represented the town of Franklin. Duane Ducat, John P. Wochos and Thomas Cretney filed papers.

Primary elections would be held Feb. 20 to reduce the field of candidates to two.

The other incumbents who filed declarations of non-candidacy were Dennis Cravillion in District 7 – the town of Casco Ward 2 and the village of Casco Ward 1 – and Linda Sinkula in District 11 – the town of Carlton Wards 1 and 2.

Kenneth J. Secor and Charles J. Schmitt will square off in District 7, and Richard A. Schleis and Aaron Augustian are running in District 11.

Five supervisors – Donna Thomas, Douglas Doell, Mary Ellen Dobbins, Patrick Benes and Lee Luft – have challengers.

The contested races:

District 2: Cory Cochart, Joseph Musial and Mark Kusniesz.

District 6: Donna Thomas (inc.) and Daniel A. Olson.

District 7: Kenneth J. Secor and Charles J. Schmitt.

District 8: Douglas Doell (inc.) and Frank Madzarevic.

District 10: Duane Ducat, John P. Wochos and Thomas Cretney.

District 11: Richard A. Schleis and Aaron Augustian.

District 12: Mary Ellen Dobbins (inc.) and Milton Swagel.

District 17: Patrick Benes (inc.) and Joseph Lukes.

District 18: Lee Luft (inc.) and Jeff Cmejla.

Running unopposed: Gerald Paape, Charles Wagner, Robert Weidner, Scott Jahnke, John Pagel, Thomas Romdenne, Linda Teske, Virginia Haske, John Mastalir and Kaye Shillin.