Thursday, Dec. 1, is the first day that candidates in the April 4 spring election may circulate nomination papers for office. Two statewide elections are planned – state superintendent of public instruction (Tony Evers is the incumbent), which has a four-year term and state Supreme Court justice (Annette Ziegler is the incumbent), a 10-year term.

Local candidates have until 5 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 3, to file completed papers with their municipal or school district clerk. If a primary is required, it will be scheduled for Feb. 21.

Town, village, city and school board races will also be on the April ballot for the following positions (incumbents in parentheses):

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Ahnapee: Town chair (Gerald Gary Paape), supervisor 1 (Thomas J. Stoller), supervisor 2 (Kenneth Draves), clerk (LaVerle Koenig), treasurer (Mary C. Bohman).

Carlton: Town chair (David Hardtke), supervisor 1 (Steve Tadisch), supervisor 2 (Kenneth Paplham), clerk (Linda Sinkula), treasurer (Pat Wotachek), constable (Jason Walechka).

Casco: Town chair (Joseph Lukes), supervisor 1 (Perry Pavlat), supervisor 2 (Barry Fenendael), clerk (Jennifer Delebreau), treasurer (Pamela Nuthals).

Franklin: Town chair (Richard Wochos), supervisor 1 (Katie Duckart), supervisor 2 (James E. Wacek), clerk (Joan Raisleger), treasurer (Judy A. Kunesh).

Lincoln: Town chair (Cory Cochart), supervisor 1 (Nick Cochart), supervisor 2 (Jesse A. Jerabek), clerk (Mary Ann Salmon), treasurer (Tim Strnad), assessor (Joseph A. Jerabek), constable (Dave Routhieaux).

Luxemburg: Town chair (David W. Barrett), supervisor 1 (Linda C. Jonet), supervisor 2 (Leonard M. Wachal), clerk (Marilyn M. Barrett), treasurer (Gerald C. Zellner).

Montpelier: Town chair (Scott Jahnke), supervisor 1 (Kevin Ferry), supervisor 2 (Jon H. Webster), clerk (Mark Wessely), treasurer (Sandra M. Ledvina), constable (David VanDeurzen).

Pierce: Town chair (Brian J. Paplham), supervisors (2)(Kurt Burmeister, Mitchell Stauber), clerk (Samantha Stauber), treasurer (Linda Gretz), constable (Jeannie Pederson).

Red River: Town chair (Michael J. Sampo), supervisor 1 (Gene Dalebroux), supervisor 2 (Charles Kinnard), clerk (Eric B. Corroy), treasurer (Ken Bouchonville), constable (Mark H. Lefebvre).

West Kewaunee: Town chair (Tom Kruse), supervisor 1 (Arnold Van Goethem), supervisor 2 (Robert Karl), clerk (Bonnie Purzner), treasurer (Mary Bertrand).


Casco: President (Kelly Pinchart), trustees (2)(Troy Alsteen, Dennis Cravillion).

Luxemburg: President (Ken Tebon), trustees (3)(Suzanne Leist, Jack Seidl, Michelle Seidl).


Algoma: Alderperson District 1 (Bruce J. Charles), District 2 (Jacque Wiese), District 3 (Mitchell Groessl), District 4 (Lee Dachelet).

Kewaunee: Alderperson District 1 (Arthur Schiller), District 2 (Jeffrey Dworak), District 3 (John T. Griffith), District 4 (David Kuehl).


Algoma: two unincorporated representatives (Priscilla Swoboda, David Wessel).

Kewaunee: City representative (Brian Vogeltanz), unincorporated representative (John T. Pagel).

Luxemburg-Casco: Members at large (3)(Tim Kinnard, Chris Worachek, Jodi Falk).

Denmark: (2) Paula Larsen, Craig Satori.