More than half of Wisconsin public school districts will receive more general state aid in the 2018-19 school year than they did for 2017-18, based on estimates released this week by the state Department of Public Instruction.

According to the DPI:

The Algoma School District will receive an estimated $4,290,984 for 2018-19, a 3.14 percent increase over its aid for the current school year.

The Kewaunee School District is slated to receive $5,640,044 in general school aid for the upcoming school year, an 8.22 percent increase.

The Luxemburg-Casco School District is expected to receive $10,670,821, a decrease of 2.51 percent.

According to the DPI, about 56 percent of districts are expected to see increases, and the other 44 percent will get less aid than in 2017-18. Factors that comprise the general equalization aid formula — property valuation, enrollment, and shared costs — play a role in whether general aid for a district goes up or down.

The exact numbers won’t be known until the DPI certifies state general aid for the upcoming year around Oct. 15, based on audited 2017-18 data. State law requires an estimate to be computed by July 1 so that districts can incorporate the estimate as they complete their annual budgets.