An Algoma police officer brought a stray cat to the Wisconsin Humane Society in Door County and unexpectedly reunited the furry friend with her human.

The society posted the story and photos on social media:

Happy tears alert! Today a beautiful, friendly calico was brought in as a stray by an Algoma police officer. Our adoption counselor and animal care technician, Sally, went to the office to assist with what was expected to be a routine stray intake exam. However, in just one look, Sally knew this calico was her beloved Brady who went missing nearly 10 months ago while she was recovering from surgery in the hospital! It was a tear-filled and joyful reunion for both of them, as Brady knew she finally found her mama. Once she had food in her belly and received plenty of attention from our staff, Brady was clearly ready to go home and be reunited with the rest of her family. Sally did everything in her power to find Brady and despite coming home every day empty-handed, she never gave up hope. Thanks to your generous donations and support, we can be the refuge lost pets desperately need and the resource to get them back home!

Photo from City of Algoma Police Department page on Facebook