Two years is nothing in the life of a newspaper. I was privileged to preside over the 150th anniversary edition of the Door County Advocate, which was launched in 1862, and the Kewaunee County Star-News can trace its lineage to three years earlier, when the Kewaunee Enterprise first appeared on the city’s streets in 1859.

Warren Bluhm

Warren Bluhm has been editor-publisher and lead reporter of the Kewaunee County Comet since Nov. 30, 2016.

Two years is a blink.

Nonetheless, I’m pleased that the Kewaunee County Comet has reached the end of its second year. Year 3 promises to be a keystone year as I ponder plans that coincide with the 66th anniversary of my first, squalling appearance in this world.

Before that thought begins to alarm you, let me reassure you that my mission continues to be to provide Kewaunee County readers with a reliable local, independent online news outlet. The above-mentioned pondering has more to do with finding ways to make the Comet even more nimble and relevant than it has proved to be to date.

Thank you for your support, your Facebook likes, your signups to the Comet emails, and – last but not least – for your fiscal support in the form of what I call “voluntary subscriptions.” Your patronage – in the mail and on – has helped establish a foundation for the Comet’s future and will be even more important in the coming year – and years to come.

So, thank you for a fun couple of years, and let me know how I can make the Comet even more relevant to you: Send a note anytime to, or use the “Contact” button on the menu at, or snail-mail it to Kewaunee County Comet, P.O. Box 405, Luxemburg, WI 54217, or just comment below. With your help I hope to make the Comet Kewaunee County’s most trusted and reliable source of local news.

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