We’re back, and thank you for your patience.

Warren Bluhm is editor-publisher of the Kewaunee County Comet. Contact him at warren@warrenbluhm.com

A comedy of errors (which didn’t seem very funny at the time) led to the Kewaunee County Comet website being shut down in mid to late July, which was compounded by my failure to notice the trouble while on a long-delayed vacation.

The long-story-short explanation is that an important bill was accidentally left unpaid, and I managed to miss every warning email for almost a month. Needless to stay, steps have been taken to prevent a recurrence!

When I finally addressed the matter, the site was hours away from being permanently deleted by our hosting service, which would have made restoration even harder than it was.

I am finally able to report that full functionality has been restored as of Wednesday morning, Aug. 14. One drawback is that stories posted between June 28 and now are lost, and I will spend my spare time reposting that material as time allows.

The Comet Facebook page has served for updates in recent weeks, but it feels good to move back into our permanent home. The regular email will also resume later this week for people who subscribe to that service.

I remain committed to providing a local independent online news outlet devoted to Kewaunee County news and information, and I promise from this moment to pay more attention to the nuts and bolts of keeping the light on.