The state received three responses to a request for proposals to build an integrated anaerobic digester system to convert manure into energy, and at least one bidder would locate the project in Kewaunee County.

County Supervisor Lee Luft said he got some general information about the proposals from a Department of Natural Resources employee this week.

“After conducting an initial evaluation, the evaluation team found that only one of the three bids met all of the minimum requirements, and there were some questions regarding even that bid,” Luft said during the County Board’s regular monthly meeting. All three bidders are being contacted to provide clarification.

Although the state’s request for proposals said winners would be notified by Aug. 24, a final decision probably will not be made until sometime in September, Luft said.

“No decision has been made about whether to inform the county or the appropriate township within the county before an award is made,” he added.

Luft also said he was told there currently are no plans to complete an environmental impact statement prior to the start of the project.

County officials have been concerned about being shut out of the process ever since Gov. Scott Walker announced the initiative to bring biodigesters into Kewaunee County to convert animal waste into electricity on a wide scale last November.

“I don’t think it’s part of their protocol to involve the county government at this point,” County Board Chairman Robert Weidner said Tuesday.