The Town of Lincoln has filed suit against a Milwaukee firm that town officials say breached a contract to provide home water purification systems and help the town develop a community water works.

The suit filed Tuesday (Feb. 12) in Kewaunee County Circuit Court alleges that Stonehouse Water Technologies did not follow through on the terms of a pilot project it was awarded in October 2016.

The town was looking for a solution to private well contamination believed to have been generated by farm animal waste, the suit says.

According to the complaint, Stonehouse agreed to provide five water POD core modules to treat incoming well water, to electronically monitor the water treatment systems, to provide weekly on-site review and provide technical support and management to the five sites.

The company also agreed to help the town in developing a community water works business model that would include finding funding partners, the complaint said.

And when town officials invited Stonehouse Water Technologies to meet with the Town Board to discuss the problems, the company never appeared at a meeting or otherwise responded, the lawsuit alleges.

The town’s cost for the pilot project was $29,072.38. Officials are asking the court to rescind the contract and order full compensation for damages caused by what the suit says is a breach of contract and misrepresentations by Stonehouse.