Michael Smits of the town of Pierce was recently profiled by the ag newspaper The Country Today …

Dressed in a familiar red and white suit and sporting a natural white beard, the rural Kewaunee County man embraces portraying Santa Claus throughout the area during the holiday season.

“I like seeing the excitement on people’s faces and the fun they have when they see Santa coming down the road or in a store or at a house,” said Smits, 67, who bears a strong resemblance to the traditional image of a Santa Claus. “Getting out of the car and walking in somewhere with my suit and kids saying, ‘Hi Santa!’ is great. Or even adults rolling down their windows and saying hi, it’s fun.

“I was even wearing my Santa suit on Halloween and saying, ‘Merry Halloween!’ Being recognized as St. Nick and making people smile during the holidays is nice. Sometimes children, especially little kids with their parents, will grab my leg and hug me. It’s the magic of Santa Claus.”

Source: The Country Today – Front Page