The Algoma Parks Department on Monday installed new signs along Crescent Beach including the new rules allowing leashed dogs on the boardwalk during summer.

Previously dogs were not allowed on or near the beach from May 1 to Oct. 1. The City Council relaxed the rules this winter.

The Algoma Youth Club posted on Facebook a summary of city rules regarding our canine friends:

“Starting today May 1st, dogs ARE NOT allowed to be on any portion of the water and sand areas of Crescent Beach. They are allowed to be on the boardwalk, as long as they are leashed. The grassy area just south of the Chamber building can be used by people passing through to be able to let their dogs relieve themselves. During the months between Oct. 1 to May 1 dogs on the beach must be leashed. Don’t forget that DeMeuse Park is an area for dogs to exercise off leash. As a gentle reminder, please clean up after your dogs. Thanks!”