By Donna Thomas, Violence Intervention Project

Are you afraid to report to the police or your family or your boss your story of abuse? Are you afraid you won’t be believed? Will the abuser deny, deny, and deny? Due to his/her status in the family or workplace is their denial more valid? Do you stress constantly over not being believed?

April is the month that shines a light on sexual abuse and the struggles of the victim. In the past young boys and male athletes were not believed. Protecting the institution that hid the abuse was seemingly more important than the victims. Young women in sports were not believed. Again, institutions were protected.

The light is shining brighter now on all victims of abuse.

Violence Intervention Project names April 2 as a day of action. April 5, Wear Blue Day, for child abuse prevention. The week of April 7-13th is National Crime Victims’ Rights Week. April 8-12th is National Youth Violence Prevention week. April 24th is DENIM DAY for Sexual Assault Awareness.

Maybe one of the most important dates to remember is May 4, when a free Self-Defense Class is offered at the Kewaunee High School gym from 10:30 a.m. to noon.

Victims, REACH OUT to V.I.P. We are here for you and believe you.

Community members support Denim Day April 24 for Sexual Assault Awareness.

Community members, come join hands for Kewaunee County’s 3rd annual Hands Around Event on April 11. To find out more about these events call 920-487-2111 or e-mail

Donna Thomas is vice president of the V.I.P. board.