By Donna Thomas, Violence Intervention Project board member

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

In the past, most people did not talk about mental illness in their family or disclose their own.

Most tried to hide feelings of depression, anxiety, panic attacks, fear and feelings of no self-worth.

In today’s age, people are slowly talking about issues of abuse. Domestic abuse and sexual abuse are coming out of the shadows. Abuse leads to all of the feelings described.

Reach Out. Call the Violence Intervention Office in Kewaunee County (920-487-2111). The office is located on Division Street in Algoma.

You may ask, what do they have to offer? All staff members assure confidentially. They will support and try to lead you to decisions that help increase your empowerment. If needed, short term shelter will be provided. If further therapy is needed, staff will connect you to appropriate services in the county.

The staff is non-judgmental and the choices you make will always be yours.

Reach Out Reach Out