The Department of Natural Resources may hire a warden for Kewaunee County by the end of the year, County Board Chairman Robert Weidner said last month.

Weidner said over the past five years he’s usually received a vague response like “we’re working on it” when he asks whether the long-vacant warden position will be filled soon.

“They tell me now that they’re interviewing new candidates for wardens later in the year, after the graduating class from college is available – that would be in May-June-July,” Weidner reported at the February County Board meeting. “They didn’t state they absolutely guarantee a warden, but I think maybe this time around we’ll see one.”

Weidner said he conveyed the message that every county should have a DNR warden that’s readily accessible and available.

“They said the job of warden in Kewaunee County is very hard to fill,” he said. “Some of the wardens didn’t feel like they were comfortable working in Kewaunee County, and some of the younger ones chose other counties to locate. At least that’s the rationale they gave me.”

Supervisor Mary Ellen Dobbins said she would like to see the county board send a letter to the DNR to encourage the process, and Weidner said the board would probably do that by resolution in March.