Kewaunee County has begun the installation process of three new “Welcome to Kewaunee County” signs on its major highways that celebrate the lake.

The signs featuring blue waves and the tagline of “The Good Life on a Great Lake” will be able to be seen when traveling into the county on state Highways 29, 54 and 42.

The sign process started taking shape in August, when the Kewaunee County Promotion & Recreation Committee first selected the design and then finalized the color in October.

The installation will begin with the replacement of the signs on Highway 29 and Highway 54. The current signs at these two locations were put up nearly two decades ago. So, it was decided in 2015 by the Kewaunee County Finance Committee that $10,000 would be made available in the next budget for their replacement.

Meanwhile, the Highway 42 location is a brand new location. In December, Kewaunee County entered into easement agreement with Dominion to permanently place a sign just before the Kewaunee Power Station. The sign at this location has been funded by Dominion through a donation made to Kewaunee County.

“This is us moving forward with a new look and the message that we’re lucky enough to live on one of the five Great Lakes,” says Jennifer Schneider, Kewaunee County Tourism Coordinator/Public Information Officer. “Kewaunee County is located on the beautiful Lake Michigan and we’re open for business.”