The Kewaunee County Aggregator is just what the name suggests – a collection of news, press releases, Facebook posts and other links about what’s going on in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin, on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan.

It’s my intention to spend some time every day combing the internet for local news, events and activities and, as time allows, doing some original reporting as well. It’ll be shared here, on Facebook, and in a daily email.


Warren Bluhm

Who am I? Always a good question. I’ve been reporting community news for more than 40 (!) years at various venues around the Badger State – first in radio news, and the past two decades in the print/digital media, and have settled just north of the Door-Kewaunee county line. That’s right, I don’t actually live in Kewaunee County, but I can see my Kewaunee County neighbors from my front porch.

Because I care about those neighbors and I love community news, I decided to launch this little endeavor using the free tools available online as a side project while I pursue my next paid adventure – yes, I’m currently “in between assignments,” to use the popular euphemism, as a result of the latest round of downsizing that plagues the journalism business in general these days. I was assured that my departure was “not a performance issue, purely an economic decision.”

I share that bit of information to let you know this is a pilot project, one that may end up being temporary should a full-time opportunity present itself. One option is that this project evolves into a revenue-producing enterprise of one sort or another – I am interested in pursuing ways to do that, but frankly first I’d like you and I to “kick the tires” together to see if the community has any interest in a local news outlet of this sort. I believe this is one possible future of local news – an independent online “newspaper” (and wouldn’t it be fun to actually put it on paper someday) – and the only way to test that belief is to put it into practice.

And so, because I’m a “ready, fire, aim” kind of guy, here is your Kewaunee County Aggregator. If you have questions, comments, suggestions, or news I haven’t shared yet, please send me an email at