Press release

The City of Algoma will begin work next week to improve its storm water discharge into Lake Michigan. The project will include the creation of a bioretention area located near Crescent Beach and the Algoma Youth Club which will act as a natural filter to clean the storm water prior to it entering Lake Michigan. Currently, storm water drains directly into Lake Michigan immediately north of Crescent Beach.

“Storm water is one of the leading contributors to poor water quality, causing increased levels of bacteria and the growth of Cladophora, which in turn creates the foul-smelling, green algal mats people commonly think of when they hear ‘algae,’” says Algoma Parks and Recreation Director Sara Robertson. “This project will help mitigate some of the problems in the north corner [of the beach].”

The project will include the removal or relocation of some existing trees found outside of the Youth Club. Trees which cannot be relocated, will be replaced with newer, healthier trees. Lake Street from the pierhead to Clark Street will be closed starting Sept. 8 until approximately Nov. 15.