Twitter Introduces New X Logo in Latest Android App Updat

Twitter rolled out a new update for its Android app, unveiling its fresh X logo as part of the ongoing rebranding process. The iconic bird logo, which has long been synonymous with the platform, has now been replaced. In line with the new branding, the app listing on the Google Play Store showcases screenshots of the app featuring the X logo against a black background, with no visible Twitter branding.

The app’s description emphasizes that the X app is intended to serve as a trusted digital town square for everyone. Additionally, it highlights a new feature that allows users to upload and watch videos of up to three hours in length, providing more options for content sharing and consumption.

It’s worth noting that the Twitter Lite app has not undergone the rebranding and still retains the traditional Twitter branding. However, this is not surprising, considering that the Lite app was last updated in May 2021.

Earlier this week, Twitter made significant changes to its official handle, switching it from @twitter to @X. This change was accompanied by other affiliated handles also dropping the “Twitter” name. Interestingly, during this transition, Twitter acquired the handle @X from its previous owner, Gene X Hwang, who operates the corporate photography and videography studio, Orange Photography. Hwang revealed that the company took over the handle without any prior warning or compensation. In response to the situation, Twitter offered Hwang a tour of X’s headquarters and X-branded merchandise as a gesture of appreciation.