How do I get Fortnite on iOS?

Despite the ongoing legal tussle between Epic Games and Apple, which led to the removal of Fortnite from the iOS App Store in 2020, fans of the game have found ways to continue enjoying the battle royale sensation on their iOS devices. Here’s a look at the current state of Fortnite on iOS and how players are accessing the game.

Alternative Paths to Fortnite on iOS
While direct downloads of Fortnite are no longer possible through the App Store, players have turned to cloud gaming services as a workaround. Services like GeForce Now, XCloud, and Amazon Luna have become gateways for iOS users to play Fortnite. These platforms stream the game directly to the device, bypassing the need for an App Store download.

GeForce Now
GeForce Now offers a free subscription that allows for one hour of gameplay, which can be extended with a premium subscription. To play Fortnite using GeForce Now:
1. Link your Epic Games account with GeForce Now.
2. Launch Fortnite on your iPhone within the GeForce Now app.

XCloud, Xbox’s cloud gaming service, also provides access to Fortnite on iOS devices. Users can play Fortnite by streaming it through the XCloud service.

Amazon Luna
Amazon Luna, another cloud gaming option, requires an Amazon Prime or Luna+ subscription. To play Fortnite on Amazon Luna:
1. Visit the Amazon Luna page using Safari on your iOS device.
2. Log in with your Amazon account.
3. Find Fortnite on the Luna homepage and start the game.

The Epic Games and Apple Dispute
The dispute between Epic Games and Apple centers around payment systems and app distribution. Epic Games introduced a direct payment option in Fortnite, which led to Apple and Google blocking updates for the game on their platforms. Epic Games has been vocal about its stance against what it perceives as monopolistic practices by Apple and Google, advocating for a more open and competitive environment for app developers and consumers.

Q: Why can’t I download Fortnite directly from the iOS App Store?
A: Fortnite was removed from the App Store due to a legal dispute between Epic Games and Apple regarding payment systems and app distribution policies.

Q: Can I still play Fortnite on my iOS device?
A: Yes, you can play Fortnite on iOS using cloud gaming services like GeForce Now, XCloud, and Amazon Luna.

Q: Do I need a subscription to use cloud gaming services for Fortnite?
A: Some services may require a subscription, such as Amazon Luna or the premium tier of GeForce Now for extended gameplay sessions.

Glossary of Terms
– Cloud Gaming: A method of playing video games that runs on remote servers and streams directly to a user’s device, rather than relying on hardware in the user’s home.
– Epic Games: The video game and software developer and publisher known for creating Fortnite.
– iOS App Store: Apple’s digital distribution platform for mobile apps on its iOS operating system.
– Legal Dispute: A disagreement that results in legal action or litigation between two parties.