What iPhone will be out in 2024?

As we approach the end of 2023, the tech world is already buzzing with anticipation for the next big release from Apple. The iPhone 15 lineup has just been launched, but the rumor mill is already churning with speculations about the iPhone 16. This article aims to provide a comprehensive overview of what we can expect from Apple’s 2024 iPhone lineup, based on the most credible leaks and rumors.

The Launch Date
Apple has a tradition of unveiling its new iPhone lineup in September, and it’s expected to continue this trend in 2024. The most likely date for the iPhone 16 announcement is Tuesday, September 10, 2024, with preorders starting on Friday, September 13, and shipping commencing on September 20.

Pricing Expectations
While there’s no new information about the pricing of the iPhone 16 line, it’s reasonable to assume it will cost the same as the iPhone 15 line, unless we hear otherwise. That means we can expect the standard size iPhone 16 for $799 and the larger Plus model for $899, while the iPhone 16 Pro may cost $1,099 and the iPhone 16 Pro Max might go for $1,199. There are also rumors of a higher-end Ultra model with a larger screen than the Pro Max, which would naturally carry a higher price tag.

Design and Display
The iPhone 16 lineup is expected to maintain the iconic iPhone design, with some notable enhancements. The entire iPhone 15 line now has the Dynamic Island, so we can expect that pill-shaped cutout on the iPhone 16 models as well. Some rumors suggest that Apple has found a way to put some of the Face ID sensors under the display, which could result in an even smaller camera cutout for the Pro models.

The display size on the Pro models is expected to increase by about 0.2 inches measured diagonally, with a slightly taller aspect ratio. This means the iPhone 16 Pro will have a 6.27-inch display and the Pro Max a 6.86-inch display.

Performance and Technology
The iPhone 16 Pro will likely feature the A18 Pro processor, while the non-Pro iPhone 16 models could adopt a cut-down version of the A17 Pro that debuted in the iPhone 15 Pro.

In terms of connectivity, Apple is expected to use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X75 5G modem in the iPhone 16, which delivers better speeds, coverage, mobility, link robustness, and location accuracy. Additionally, we can expect Wi-Fi 7 in the iPhone 16 Pro models.

Camera Capabilities
The iPhone 16 Pro models are expected to feature a larger camera array due to the inclusion of a periscope super-zoom telephoto lens and other new camera tech. Apple will reportedly be using Sony’s new stacked CMOS image sensor technology in the iPhone 16 Pro models next year, which should mean sensors with greatly increased low-light sensitivity.

1. When is the iPhone 16 expected to be released?
The iPhone 16 is expected to be announced on Tuesday, September 10, 2024, with preorders starting on Friday, September 13, and shipping commencing on September 20.

2. How much will the iPhone 16 cost?
While there’s no official information yet, it’s reasonable to assume the iPhone 16 will cost the same as the iPhone 15 line, unless stated otherwise.

3. What are the expected features of the iPhone 16?
The iPhone 16 is expected to feature a larger display for the Pro models, a new A18 Pro processor, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X75 5G modem, Wi-Fi 7, and a larger camera array with a periscope super-zoom telephoto lens.

Dynamic Island: This refers to the pill-shaped cutout on the iPhone display that houses the front camera and Face ID sensors.
Face ID: This is Apple’s facial recognition system used to unlock the iPhone and authenticate payments.
A18 Pro processor: This is the expected next-generation chip from Apple that will likely power the iPhone 16 Pro models.
Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X75 5G modem: This is a 5G modem chip expected to be used in the iPhone 16, providing improved speeds, coverage, and other benefits.
Wi-Fi 7: This is the next generation of Wi-Fi technology, expected to be featured in the iPhone 16 Pro models, offering faster speeds and improved performance.
Periscope super-zoom telephoto lens: This is a type of camera lens that uses a periscope-like mechanism to achieve greater optical zoom. It’s expected to be included in the iPhone 16 Pro models.