What is the best strategy for Civilization 6?

In the complex world of Civilization 6, the early game sets the foundation for your empire’s future triumphs. Understanding the nuances of initial strategies can significantly influence your path to victory. Here are some essential tactics to ensure a strong start.

Prioritize Exploration

Exploration is crucial in the early stages. Sending out scouts to uncover the map and locate valuable resources, city-states, and potential threats can provide a strategic advantage. Early knowledge of the terrain and neighboring civilizations allows for better planning and resource allocation.

Optimize City Placement

The placement of your first few cities can make or break your game. Aim to settle near rivers, coasts, and resource-rich areas. These locations offer immediate benefits such as fresh water, trade opportunities, and access to critical resources like iron and horses, which are vital for both defense and expansion.

Focus on Key Technologies

Advancing through the technology tree efficiently is another cornerstone of early success. Prioritize technologies that unlock essential units and buildings, such as Pottery for Granaries and Animal Husbandry for Pastures. These advancements will help sustain your growing population and improve your military capabilities.

Build a Balanced Military

While it might be tempting to focus solely on economic growth, maintaining a balanced military is essential. Early aggression from barbarians or rival civilizations can derail your plans. Building a mix of defensive units and offensive capabilities ensures you are prepared for any threats.

Engage with City-States

City-states can be valuable allies or formidable foes. Establishing early diplomatic relations with them can provide bonuses and strategic advantages. Sending envoys and completing city-state quests can yield significant rewards, enhancing your empire’s growth and stability.

By mastering these early game strategies, players can set a solid foundation for their civilization, paving the way for a prosperous and dominant empire in Civilization 6.