What is the next Obsidian RPG game?

Obsidian Entertainment, renowned for its role-playing games (RPGs), is set to release its latest creation, Avowed, in the fall of 2024. This open-world RPG promises to be a thrilling addition to the gaming world, offering a unique blend of choice-driven gameplay and immersive storytelling.

A New Chapter in the Eora Universe
Avowed is set in the same universe as Obsidian’s Pillars of Eternity games, known as Eora. This fantasy world is rich with magic and mystery, providing a vibrant backdrop for the game’s narrative. The game is expected to offer a deep exploration of the Living Lands region, a part of the Eora universe that has intrigued long-time fans of the Pillars of Eternity series.

Gameplay and Features
Avowed is a first-person RPG, a departure from the third-person perspective of the Pillars of Eternity games. The game will feature a dynamic combat system that allows players to quickly switch between different playstyles, such as melee, ranged, and magic, even in the heat of battle.

The game also promises to deliver on Obsidian’s reputation for choice-driven narratives. Players’ decisions will have significant consequences, shaping the world and the story as they progress. This was demonstrated in a side quest revealed during the Xbox Developer Direct livestream, where players encounter a group of dead soldiers and their surviving ally, Nauki. The player’s choice in this situation will have lasting effects on the game world.

Anticipation and Expectations
Given Obsidian’s track record with successful RPGs like Fallout: New Vegas and The Outer Worlds, expectations for Avowed are high. The game’s announcement and subsequent updates have generated considerable excitement among fans and critics alike. With its release window set for fall 2024, gamers are eagerly awaiting the chance to dive into this new chapter in the Eora universe.

What is Avowed?
Avowed is an upcoming open-world RPG developed by Obsidian Entertainment. It is set in the same universe as the Pillars of Eternity games.

When will Avowed be released?
Avowed is set to be released in the fall of 2024.

What is the gameplay like in Avowed?
Avowed is a first-person RPG that features a dynamic combat system, allowing players to switch between different playstyles. The game also features choice-driven narratives, where players’ decisions have significant consequences on the game world.

Who is the developer of Avowed?
Avowed is developed by Obsidian Entertainment, known for their successful RPGs like Fallout: New Vegas and The Outer Worlds.

RPG (Role-Playing Game): A type of game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. Players take responsibility for acting out these roles within a narrative, either through literal acting, or through a process of structured decision-making regarding character development.
Open-World: A type of video game level design where a player can roam freely through a virtual world and is given considerable freedom in choosing how or when to approach objectives.
First-Person: A graphical perspective rendered from the viewpoint of the player’s character. In video games, first-person refers to a view where the players see the world from the perspective of their characters.
Choice-Driven Narrative: A type of narrative that allows players to make choices that will have consequences and influence the storyline in some way.